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Aghabog Emmets


On junior pitches years ago the Emmet's name was made
From dedication and a fighting spirit that simply would not fade
For years no fruit at all was borne from the efforts that were made
And lofty dreams of trophies, in sleep they always stayed
But whispering its way across the parish, over lake and hill
And settling above the playing field was a hope that one day still
Etched out on shining silverware for everyone to see
The proud name of 'Aghabog' spelt out in splendid finery


In the early eighties the stepping-stone was laid
As the sun rose o'er a fresh new sod where victories could be played
And as proud speeches echoed out far away from Corleck hill
Achieving future greatness became the people's will
O'er the road from that playing field dreams were being formed
In the hearts and minds of boys and girls behind the schoolyard walls
Thoughts of cups and medals and celebrations loud
With flags and bunting flying high to make the people proud


The parish cheered them on to glory as Olly O'Rourke was won
Philomena Begley followed and the school was on a run
As the boys grew into men the future promised more
Ending the club's trophy famine brought firmly to the fore
Then in the early nineties the tide began to sway
And people started to believe success was on its way
First of all the minors triumphed and raised St. Dympna high
And took her home to Aghabog where bonfires lit the sky


O’er fifty years we'd waited for silver to parade
And by the end of ninety to rest that gap was laid
Astride of saintly Dympna stood McKeown and Crawley proud
As the B's had taken up the challenge to end the adult drought
They travelled in their thousands to Scotstown that year too
To see how lowly Aghabog could have risen to heights so new
But against our neighbouring rivals a championship slipped us by
Though we left that day convinced for sure the dream would never die


And so it came in 92 the day that broke the chains
Of years of junior football and endless football pains
Against the men from Carrick a new dawn lay in wait
Our boys battled valiantly with history as their bait
Dr. Ward was lifted high that day on Latton's rain soaked ground
And wet and muddied jerseys were warmed by proud hearts' pound
Our Under 21s raised the Flanagan Cup as well
And from the smiles adorning faces the pride was clear to tell


The step up to division two was going to be tough
Surviving that first season showed all we had the stuff
Then in November cold and rain we found ourselves again
On the edge of history and football's holy grail
Now the red and green of Inniskeen stood to thwart our bid
To stand among the senior clubs but that we duly did
The football wasn't pretty it was winter after all
But 5 points to 3 was enough for me and again the club stood tall


The thud of foot on leather had made the parish proud
And the ladies were now helping out in pleasing that same crowd
Queenpins of the county where no-one had their measure
Titles at all ages, they won them at their pleasure
Ulster titles came to the club and our girls could proudly boast
Achievements to rival any club and far outweighing most
The name of tiny Aghabog now famed across the country
For producing lady footballers, the backbone of their county


Just two proud years at senior level among the game's elite
But for a small club like our own it was a worthy feat
Fr. Hackett then vowed to return, his mission incomplete
To drive the Aghabog flock once more back to senior to compete
A first attempt was thwarted, Magheracloone were just too strong
But in 99 a second chance to prove all doubters wrong
We made our way to Scotstown for another final day
And with Tyholland vanquished, another party under way


Then once more in 2003 the club enthralled the county
As Aghabog aimed yet again for elusive championship bounty
The young men over in Doohamlet lined up to take the crown
And everyone expected them to run our old legs down
The bodies may be getting older but the hunger still remained
And heads full of experience knew how glory could be gained
A championship was won at last and all who witnessed it agree
No better match was played that year nor would it likely be


Since the club broke free of junior's grasp at the end of ninety two
There've been many happy memories in divisions one and two
Several on field battles to be recalled beyond this age
And even an All-Ireland won on Scór's well-trodden stage
Then junior football dragged us back, not for very long at first
As we captured Dr. Ward again, matching Currin's thirst
Alas we're back there yet again for a more extended stay
Awaiting brand new memories and success again one day


The names that have worn the jersey, too many to recall
From every corner of the parish they've stood up and gave their all
Drumbrain and Descart, Drumkeen, Drumhirk all corners represented
Feagh, Faltagh and Rakaen there too as trophies were presented
From Annaghmakerrig's inspiring shores to the ancient stones of Carn
From the conquered land of Togan across to Latnamard
All gathered together come snow, hail, rain on many a starry night
For the love of the flag now flying high in glorious green and white


Now here we stand over a century old with the club still striding forth
With a standing now within the game to truly match its worth
And anchoring one corner of our playing ground so dear
Our well-loved clubhouse stretches out and keeps our people near
And on the walls proud memories hang from every vacant patch
All reminders of a golden age, one we'll find it hard to match
Yet with new houses springing up, in each one's deep foundations
Lies the basis for success to thrive for future generations


Final Day Accessories

What you'll need to help celebrate the big day........ Top

Chairman's AGM Address

Reverend Fathers, Ladies and Gentlemen, Peter and Nancy, I’d like to welcome you all to this evening’s AGM. I'll keep this as brief as possible, the young ones have a dance here at nine o'clock so we only have the hall for 4 hours.

Playing matters
As we all know it hasn’t been the most successful of years on the playing pitch. We finished the league with two points which was an improvement on last year but still left us bottom of the table. Those points were due to the failure of the opposition to show up for our last league match (owing to a sequence of unfortunate events including sugar in the coach fuel tank and strong winds blowing signposts round the wrong way).

The championship proved to be a regrettable affair but the club are hopeful that the county board will allow us back into the competition when they review the situation in 5 yrs. Unfortunately, we will be without the support of Tommy, Seamus, Johnny and Willy ‘the Brick’ at this year’s fixtures. It is hoped to place a few concrete blocks behind the fence of Delaney’s garden so the lads can at least get to see some of the action. It’s intended to only charge the fellas half price, to be collected by Mickey at half time, but more of that when we come to the motions.

A few of the players have complained about the state of the pitch over the past year. Unfortunately the heavy rain we experienced at the start of the year and the tractor pulling championships in February left the playing area a bit soft in places. Wellington boots were provided for training sessions for those who needed them, though some of the players felt that wearing the wellies in the early league matches hampered their performance a wee bit. As you know it was necessary to close the field for a couple of months in May/June. You’ll agree that the money earned from the sale of the silage was very badly needed.

Club Lotto
At last year’s AGM it was agreed to set up a committee to establish a Lotto scheme for the club. The decision was soon made to place income from home games on the Lotto every Saturday night. By June no money had been accrued so the scheme had to be radically revised. Unfortunately no money has yet been won on the Wednesday draw either. A big thank you to John Pat for agreeing to go over the border to place the money on the British version this year.

It proved to be a very successful year on the playing field for our juveniles. We managed to field for 3 U-12 games, 4 U-14 and 2 ½ U-16 games - at this point the club would once again like to apologise to the referee for any distress caused, I’m sure if John Pat knew he was claustrophobic he would never have shut the boot.

I’d like to congratulate young Seanie McDonagh on winning the county’s U-14 division 4 player of the year award. It’s a very proud achievement for the club. Best of luck to Seanie and all the other lads sitting the leaving this year.

Well done to John Joe on his performance at Scor Sinsir. I know from speaking to John Joe beforehand that he was very nervous but I think the few shorts did him the power of good. The club has made known it’s disappointment at the judge’s decision to cut short his performance after verse 14 of the fifth ballad.

Well done also to young Willie Smith on his recitation in Scor na nOg. Young Willie wrote the thing himself and I know the judges were very impressed by his knowledge of street life in the Bronx of New York. Bridie O’Reilly also took part in the solo singing - she wore very nice shoes.

Thank you to Paudie for all his hard work training and managing the U-12, U-14, U-16, Reserve and Senior teams. Many thanks also to Sean, Timmy, Francie, Liam and Joe for their efforts with the ladies team this year.

Thanks are also due to all who contributed money over the past year or so particularly our jersey sponsors Lynch, O Sullivan, Enwright, Ryan Solicitors.

As many of you know I am stepping down as Chairman after 37 years in the post. With the angel dust situation now coming to a head I'm not sure how much time I would be able to commit to the role.

Thank you.

Cup o' tea there Maggie...,

Supporters Survey

Please write your answers on the back of an Aghabog Lotto ticket, stick in a couple of Euro and hand it to the nearest committee member. (The presence of '*****' denotes areas where you can use any word you feel is apt)
1. A player goes down in the first half clutching his leg. Do you shout:
(a) My word, that looks like an acute tear of the cruciate ligament
(b) Get up outa that and hit him back
(c) Schlap a bit of water on it there, he’ll run it off

2. Ball goes out of play for an obvious line ball to your team but the opposition linesman flags it against you. Do you shout:
(a) ah well, that was ours but we all make mistakes, better luck next time
(b) go home ya (club of choice) ****** [while gripping frantically at the wire fence]
(c) break down in tears and bemoan the injustices of the modern world

3. Ball goes out of play for an obvious line ball to the opposition but your linesman flags it for you. Do you shout:
(a) ah now Tom/Mickey/Phil/Jimmy/Frank/Pat/Seamas that should have been theirs
(b) good man Tom/Mickey/Phil/Jimmy/Frank/Pat/Seamas put it up [while shaking fist wildly at opposition fans]
(c) retreat to the back of the stand embarrassed by the injustices of the modern world

4. You’re approached by a Lotto seller from the opposing club. Do you:
(a) break off from discussing the herd of bullocks over in Big Patsy’s field to say "G’way outa that with ya, can’t ya see I’m watching the match"
(b) buy one but insist the seller buys the 5 tickets that you’ve just pulled from your back pocket
(c) pull out the lining of your pockets and plead poverty, after all you need every cent for the clubhouse afterwards

5. In the 2nd half your midfielder wins the ball directly from the throw-in. Should he:
(a) launch 'er into the full-forward
(b) launch 'er into the full-forward
(c) launch 'er into the full-forward

6. The referee awards a dubious free kick to the opposition. Do you shout:
(a) where’s your glasses ref
(b) put a blue/yellow/red etc. shirt on ya ref
(c) go home ya blind **** ya
*It’s appreciated that this may vary from day to day but please try to pick one answer only

7. The opposition’s county player is on the ball. Do you shout:
(a) go easy on him lads, we’ll need him against Fermanagh in the championship next week
(b) Look at him, our Johnny should be on the panel long before him
(c) Creel him!!!

8. The full back clears the ball high into the clouds from under the posts. Do you shout:
(a) great clearance young man, relieves the pressure splendidly
(b) ah, settle the head, you’d loads of time
(c) yooooooooo, wheeeeyyyyyy heeyyyyy, whoooppppeeee

9. Your son is playing centre forward. Do other supporters shout:
(a) he’s got his father’s keen eye for goal
(b) he’s got his father’s fielding ability
(c) he’s got his father’s massey ferguson tied to his ankles

10. The team triumphs to a hard-fought one-point victory. Do you shout:
(a) Great lads, sur’ yiz are powerful altogether
(b) I haven’t seen a better performance since the relegation play off in '58
(c) Yiz will win the championship for sure lads, yiz should all be on the county

11. The following week the team goes down to a hard-fought one-point defeat. Do you shout:
(a) Yiz are nothing but a shower of useless ******, a disgrace to the parish
(b) D'yiz not train at all d'yiz not. In my day you'd run 50 laps of the field with 2 friesan heifers strapped to your back
(c) The management know nothin'. They should bring back big Seamas [ball breaking full forward from the late 70's]

For every:
(a) give yourself 1 pt
(b) give yourself 2pts
(c) give yourself 3 pts

Now you’ve got 3 of your numbers for next week’s Lotto.