Aghabog GFC
Cumann Lúthchleas Gael Acadh Bog, Co. Mhuineacháin

2013 results

Junior League / Reserve League / Championships

H = home game for Aghabog ; A = away game for Aghabog; TBA = To Be Arranged
Fixtures subject to change

Junior League
Saturday 30th Mar, 7:00pm Emyvale 0-08 0-03 Aghabog A
Sunday 14th Apr, 4:00pm Aghabog 1-10 0-12 Toome H
Wednesday 17th Apr, 7:15pm Aghabog 2-12 0-06 Killeevan H
Saturday 20th Apr, 5:00pm Scotstown 1-07 1-12 Aghabog A
Wednesday 1st May, 7:30pm Aghabog 0-09 1-17 Blackhill H
Wednesday 8th May, 7:30pm Eire Óg 0-08 3-08 Aghabog A
Sunday 19th May, 4:00pm Sean McDermotts 1-10 1-10 Aghabog A
Wednesday 12th June, 8:00pm Aghabog 0-10 1-14 Emyvale H
Sunday 16th June, 12:30pm Toome 1-12 2-07 Aghabog A
Sunday 23rd June, 4:00pm Aghabog 1-04 3-15 Killanny H
Sunday 14th July, 2:00pm Killeevan 1-12 2-05 Aghabog A
Thursday 25th July, 8:00pm Aghabog 2-07 1-11 Oram H
Sunday 28th July, 12:30pm Aghabog 0-10 0-13 Scotstown H
Wednesday 31st July, 8:00pm Blackhill 4-11 0-08 Aghabog A
Saturday 24th Aug, 7:00pm Aghabog 0-13 1-10 Eire Óg H
Sunday 8th Sept, 1:30pm Killanny 3-14 0-05 Aghabog A
Saturday 21st Sept, 5:00pm Aghabog 1-07 2-09 Sean McDermotts H
Sunday 29th Sept, 11:30pm Oram 0-00 Conc Aghabog A

Reserve League
Sunday 3rd Mar, 12:00pm Aghabog 2-15 3-06 Killanny H
Wednesday 3rd Apr, 7:00pm Aghabog 3-17 5-06 Clones H
Friday 6th Apr, 7:00pm Eire Óg 2-07 1-13 Aghabog A
Friday 26th Apr, 7:00pm Toome Conc 0-00 Aghabog A
Wednesday 15th May, 7:45pm Aghabog 0-00 Conc Emyvale H
Saturday 25th May, 8:00pm Aghabog 2-14 3-13 Monaghan Harps H
Wednesday 19th June, 8:00pm Feargal O'Hanlons Conc 0-00 Aghabog A
Wednesday 10th July, 8:00pm Aghabog 0-10 1-11 Clontibret O'Neills H
Wednesday 17th July, 8:00pm Blackhill 0-00 Conc Aghabog A
Saturday 20th July, 7:00pm Currin 5-14 3-07 Aghabog A

Junior Championship
Saturday 8th June, 6:00pm Aghabog 0-10 1-05 Eire Og at Ballybay
Friday 9th August, 7:30pm Aghabog 1-05 4-11 Sean McDermotts at Smithborough
Sunday 18th August, 1:45pm Aghabog 1-12 0-07 Oram at Cremartin

Reserve Championship
Friday 14th June, 7:30pm Aghabog 1-16 1-03 Emyvale A
Friday 21st June, 7:30pm Aghabog 1-10 2-15 Monaghan Harps H